How do I submit my request?

Login as Guest / Gmail and post your request with QR Code. 

How do I receive donations?

There will be a Paypal button on your site. A donator will simply click on that button and be taken to Paypal where your account will already be filled out for them. They will just select the amount to pay you.

Does iwantmoney.in give out my email address?

iwantmoney.in will never give out your email address.

How will I know if someone has donated to me?

QR Code / PayPal ID will send you an SMS / Email notification and you will have more money in your account.

How do I move my request back to the top?

You have to pay Rs.100 to move your request to top.

Does iwantmoney.in take a percentage of my donations?


How long does my site stay up?

Never Expires.

Who is responsible for your begging and funding?

We are not responsible for any transactions. It's your responsibility only. We are non-profit initiative. We are not earning, we are supporting you.


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