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Easy 4 Step Process:

Step 1: Go to Comments Section
Step 2: Login with Gmail
Step 3: Add your requirements with your details (QR Code, UPI ID)
Step 4: Share this page to your social network (facebook, twitter, instagram etc) for better and quick social funding / donation results.


  1. Do NOT add your mobile number
  2. Do NOT add your personal information
  3. Do NOT add your bank information
  4. Do NOT add your photo or any identifications
  5. Contact through only email or replying personally


How do I submit my request?

Under Comments Section - Login as Guest / Gmail and post your request with QR Code. 

Does take a percentage of my donations?


How long does my site stay up?

Never Expires.

Who is responsible for your begging and funding?

We are not responsible for any transactions. It's your responsibility only. We are non-profit initiative. We are not earning, we are supporting you.


  1. I need money for my brother operation he has liver disease so please help me....😢

  2. I am a orphan ,Need money for Food and My Education.

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  4. I lost my job. I lost my father. I have no siblings and my mother is suffering from brain tumor. My dad has left 35lakhs of debt on me. I'm extremely worried. I'm always suicidal. I'm alive only to serve my old mother. I multiple health issue . Please help me world. Even if 35 lakh people donate 1 rupee that will be of great help. Please help I beg you..thank you all.. my upi id : sn4@cnrb


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